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Yahoo Mail Login | Mobile Sign In

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yahoo second sign in verification

In this post, we will show you how to login to your Yahoo Mail quickly on your Android or iOS mobile phone. We will also talk about several account security issues and things you may want to do to better secure your account from hackers. …

Yahoo Mail Sign In | Email Login

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yahoo login history ip location clear delete

If you’re having problems with Yahoo Mail sign in, you may be able to find the answers to your questions here. I, as a long time Yahoo Mail user, would like to help answering some of the most common problems you would face during the …

Facebook: Sorry Something Went Wrong

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Facebook Sorry Something Went Wrong We're Working On Getting This Fixed As Soon As We Can

Facebook says, “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can”. If you’re seeing this error message when you open or when you try to login to Facebook on your desktop computer, or via an app on your …

YouTube Sign in | YouTube Login Page

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YouTube Sign in YouTube Login Page

If you’re having problems signing into YouTube, you may find the answers to your questions here. People have been asking me the same questions over and over again and so I think I may be able to help answering some of these common questions about …

Dropbox Login Failed – Error Loop, Help?

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dropbox login failed

I’ve been having issue with Dropbox Login on my iPhone lately. When I tried to syn my iPhone to Dropbox, an error loop keeps popping up to me “Login failed. Please make sure email and password are correct. Error: (null)”.
Well, I’ve triple checked that my …

How to Speed Up Android Phone/Tablet – Android Slow Down

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android phone slow over time

If you have problems with your phone or tablet responding extremely slowly and sometimes freezes itself, we will show you how you can get rid of these problems using one of the two powerful utility apps of your choice.
Android Phone or Tablet Slow Down Causes
Very …

Photoshop Replace One Color With Another, Transparency or Gradient

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photoshop replace color

In this tutorial, we will show you a few simple methods on how to replace colors of an image or a photo with another color, to transparency or with complex colors such as gradient colors using Adobe Photoshop. Well, unless you have been living under …

Facebook Remove Tag from Photo, Comment, Request or Notification

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facebook remove tag from photo

By tagging a friend in a photo, a post or a comment, it means you are attempting to notify your friend about the photo or the post where you tagged your friend. Your friend will receive a notification in their Facebook account whenever someone tags …

USB Transfer Stuck in Windows 7 or 8

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usb transfer stuck windows 7 8

USB Transfer Stuck Fix 1: Wait for it to complete…
Well, this might sounds dumb but sometimes it’s just best to wait for the transfer to complete itself. It may not be the transfer stuck problem if it’s just transferring slow, so slow that you couldn’t …

Gmail Login Page

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one google account gmail login page

Today’s lesson is about some best practices for Gmail login, and risks you would possibly encounter if you often visit malicious web sites or if your computer is infected with viruses or spyware. If your Gmail account is important to you, we firmly believe that …