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How to Translate Images to English with OCR Software

How to Translate Manga Images Japanese to English with OCR Software

Ever wonder if you can translate texts in images such as Japanese comic manga to any language of your choice directly from your desktop? Well, it is now possible that you can do this all by yourself with just a few amazing tools.
What we’ll be …

Baidu PC Faster Download | 10 Reasons why You Should use it

baidu pc faster

Baidu PC Faster is a free-to-download industry-leading PC cleaning tool with advanced optimization and protection technology. We have been using it for a while and thought it would be a good idea to share its existence with you guys. Below are our reviews of Baidu …

Download UC Browser For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/XP

Download UC Browser For PC Windows 8 8.1

If we are to talk about mobile phone’s internet browser, UC Browser will instantly comes to mind. UC Browser is one of the fastest browser I’ve ever used on my mobile phone. I have always wondered if I can use it on my PC to …

Rar to Zip Converter Online | Change Convert Rar to Zip

convert rar to zip converter online

Here we will show you how to convert or change rar to zip files using one of the rar to zip converter tools listed below. Rar file extension has been widely implemented since 1993. It is known to be the best file compression method even for …

Recover Corrupted pptx, ppt, docx, doc, xlsx, xls, odt Files For Free

save office data

When it comes to recovering corrupted document files, you will most likely ended up in a lot of guides about using some expensive recovery software to recover your documents. Before paying for any of these recovery software, you may want to first try all the …

Download Google Chinese Pinyin IME Installer

Google Chinese Pinyin IME Installer Download 下载谷歌拼音输入法

It’s been many years since we stopped using the traditional NJStar Chinese Input Software. We then use the built-in Chinese Input Method provided in Microsoft Windows XP and Vista. But that just did not satisfy our needs of Chinese input method. Now that we switched to Google …

How to Use P2POver to Limit Bandwidth on Home Network

How to Use P2POver to Limit Bandwidth on Home Networks

There’s always this question about how you can limit the bandwidth in your home network. Well, a middle-class router or modem/router should be able to do that. But what if you have a cheap router that doesn’t have such an option to limit bandwidth of …

How to Edit or Convert Subtitles?

When it comes to adding subtitles to a movie video, there will be time when the subtitle’s timing wouldn’t match and synchronize correctly with the sound or audio of your movie video. However, there are tools and software on the web that you can use to edit, …