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USB Transfer Stuck in Windows 7 or 8

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usb transfer stuck windows 7 8

USB Transfer Stuck Fix 1: Wait for it to complete…
Well, this might sounds dumb but sometimes it’s just best to wait for the transfer to complete itself. It may not be the transfer stuck problem if it’s just transferring slow, so slow that you couldn’t …

Gmail Login Page

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one google account gmail login page

Today’s lesson is about some best practices for Gmail login, and risks you would possibly encounter if you often visit malicious web sites or if your computer is infected with viruses or spyware. If your Gmail account is important to you, we firmly believe that …

USB Transfer Rate Slow in Windows 7 or 8

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usb transfer rate slow windows 7 8

When you transfer files between a computer and a USB flash drive or a external HDD, and the transfer speed is so slow and that you couldn’t bear it, it may be due to faulty or slow USB ports, badly formatted drive, low-end USB drive …

Facebook Login Home Page | Login Sign in

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facebook keep me logged in

People often have problems logging into Facebook due to the following reasons: Fake Facebook URLs, accounts got hacked, network is blocking access to Facebook, forgotten password, improper Facebook login habits and others. We will cover most of these problems and their respective solutions and advice …

Volume Control Icon Missing from Taskbar Windows 8/7/XP

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Volume icon XP

By default, the volume control icon should be located in your taskbar at the bottom right of your windows screen. Well, if your volume control icon is missing or disappeared from taskbar, it could be because of missing registry, programs that accidentally removed the volume …

Data Representation – Binary Format, ASCII EBCDIC Unicode, Digital Analog, Images Videos Audios

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This article covers most of the things about Data Representation. If you reach this page by searching a certain keyword from any search engine, I would recommend you to use CTRL-F to find the parts that you need.
Data Formats
Computers – Process and store all forms of …

Can’t Access Paypal – Error 205 (net::ERR CERT UNABLE TO CHECK REVOCATION): Unknown error

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Can't Access Paypal - Error 205 net ERR_CERT_UNABLE_TO_CHECK_REVOCATION Unknown error

If you encounter this error message which tells you that “the webpage is not available”, and shows you some complicated error codes – Can’t Access Paypal – Error 205 (net::ERR CERT UNABLE TO CHECK REVOCATION): Unknown error, when you try to access, you may want to try …

RMVB No Sound and Audio in Windows Media Player Classic (K-lite Codec Pack)

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no sound rmvb

We received an e-mail yesterday sent by one of our subscribers named Yasif requesting our help in solving this problem: “When I play rmvb files on windows media player classic, the video plays perfectly but no audio or sound. Any idea?”
Fix 1: Install K-lite Codec …

Play MKV RMVB FLV MP4 in Windows Media Player Codec

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rmvb windows media player

With the increasing popularity of different video formats such as Rmvb, Mkv, Flv, Mp4, Flac and Xvid, numerous video players continuously appear on the market to meet the demand. Well, most people would prefer to stick to just one video player. The best one would be …

Fix: Google Toolbar Installer Error 0x80040206, 0x80040504, or 0x80040905

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Google Toolbar Installer The Installer encountered error 0x80040504

If you encounter an error message with error number 0x80040206, 0x80040504, or 0x80040905 during the Google Toolbar installation process, there are several solutions we’ve listed in this post that may be of help.
Before trying anything else, backup your data such as your bookmarks just in case …