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Here are a collections of problems and solutions that we have came across in the past for people who may have met the same problems as we had.

GTA 5 Crash PC on Startup, Loading Screen or Random Fixed

GTA 5 Crashing PC Startup Loading Screen Randomly Fixed

It’s been a while since GTA 5 released on PC, yet there are still many complaints about the game crashes frequently. Some happen when they play online and a few reported that the game crashes even in the single player story mode. The cause of …


Blue Screen Driver_Irql_Not_Less_Or_Equal windows 8 7 8.1 Your PC ran into a problem

This is yet another annoying BSOD (blue screen of death) commonly occurs when you are running high performance programs such as games or simulators, or when you are booting your PC and end up with this blue screen loop.
Blue Screen Error: Your PC ran into …

YouTube: An Error Occurred, 500 Internal Server, No Recent Activity

youtube no recent activity

When I came across a video shared by my friend on YouTube, it ended up showing “An error occurred. Please try again later”. Well, I thought it must be something wrong on my side because my friend was able to watch the video. So, I …

How to Fix Computer Black Screen After Login on Startup Windows 8/7/8.1


By black screen, we mean that your screen goes black entirely. It can happen in two different cases. It’s either your computer screen goes black only after you have logged into your Windows 8 or Windows 7, or it goes black even before you see anything …

The Sims 3 – Where to get Deathfish and Life Fruits in Riverview or Sunset Valley

If you have been wondering around in Riverview, Sunset Valley or any other town in the Sims 3 looking for the ingredients for the ultimate recipe, Ambrosia, we have listed locations, methods, shortcuts and tips about how and where to collect deathfish, life fruits and …