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I’ve been having issue with Dropbox Login on my iPhone lately. When I tried to syn my iPhone to Dropbox, an error loop keeps popping up to me “Login failed. Please make sure email and password are correct. Error: (null)”.

Well, I’ve triple checked that my Dropbox login credentials are 100% correct. So, obviously it wasn’t my login details that caused the problem. After checking everything on my device and searching around for help, I finally found the solution and it’s rather simple.

dropbox login failed

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Dropbox Login (Mobile) Failed with 1Password – iPhone or iPad

If you have 1Password Pro or 1Password 3 installed (only if you have them installed beforehand, otherwise this solution is not for you) on your iPad or iPhone, you will no longer be able to use it for Dropbox Login. According to the 1Password team, it’s because Dropbox has made some changes to their API, making it impossible to syn using 1Password 3. So the solution they have suggested in their blog is to upgrade to 1Password 4 for iOS (cost $17.99 as of now) in order to continue syncing with Dropbox (and of course with a lot more new features). Once installed, tap on “I’ve used 1Password before” and move your data in from 1Password 3. After your data has been migrated to 1Password 4 for iOS, you can begin to set up your Dropbox login for syncing again.

Dropbox Login Failed due to other Problems

As i came across so many solutions when troubleshooting my Dropbox login failed problem, I’ve found several fixes that actually helped solving some users’ problems. Here’s a list of solutions which I found worth trying.

Dropbox Login failed? – Update your Dropbox

This is the most common solution among all the others because most people tend to have their app auto-update off in their phone, you may want to switch it on as it’s crucial to always keep your apps up to date for better security and lesser bugs. Dropbox has been constantly releasing updates to fix whatever bugs they found and it’s our responsible to make sure that the Dropbox on our side is of latest version. Check yours now.

If you have an android phone or tablet, some users may have issue with auto-update where it reports that your Dropbox is up to date while it’s not. In this case, you need to clear data from your Google Play Store. To do this, go to Settings, Applications, then Manage Applications. Select Google Play then tap on Clear Data. Now try to update your Dropbox again.

Check with the apps that have contact with your Dropbox Login

Just like 1Password, other apps (such as cloud connect pro, titanium backup pro and hightail) may have some kind of contacts with your Dropbox apps such as cloud services which you need to go through for Dropbox Login. Check with these apps to see if their users are reporting the same problems and that if they have a solutions already.

If it’s not Dropbox Login Failed problem, but a syncing stuck issue

This actually happened to one of my Windows computers which also have Dropbox installed and is constantly syncing. One day the sync just stucked (but it began fast initially and stuck at the end) and didn’t move at all no matter how long I waited. So here’s what I found to be the cause of the problem. I was using an antivirus software called ESET NOD32 and it was the one that blocked the access of my Dropbox Login. To solve this, I added Dropbox to its whitelist (or sometimes known as ignore list or exception list). If you have similar Dropbox Login failed problems on your Windows, you may want to check with your anti-virus program (some also reported that Panda Global Protection has similar issue with Dropbox) and consider adding Dropbox to your firewall whitelist.

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