The Sims 3 – Where to get Deathfish and Life Fruits in Riverview or Sunset Valley

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If you have been wondering around in Riverview, Sunset Valley or any other town in the Sims 3 looking for the ingredients for the ultimate recipe, Ambrosia, we have listed locations, methods, shortcuts and tips about how and where to collect deathfish, life fruits and ambrosia.

After receiving my copy of The Sims 3, I’ve gone insane. Non-stop playing from evening until midnight. I have this this point where I can cook the highest level of recipe called Ambrosia. It seems that it can lengthen life of your Sim. But, where can I get deathfish and life fruits? I’ve been searching for a while yet no clue at all in both my gameplays of Sunset Valley and Riverview.


Ambrosia is the best and most expensive recipe in the game which after consumed you can lengthen your life time. Let’s say if you are now an adult and you have 15 days left before becoming an elder, after eating ambrosia, your aging bar will be reduced to 0 which means you will be a freshly formed adult.

To make ambrosia, you will need deathfish and life fruits, and certain level of cooking skill (Level 10 if I’m not mistaken).

The Sims 3 - Where to get Deathfish and Life Fruits in Riverview or Sunset Valley

Deathfish and Its Location

To catch deathfish, you have to firstly purchase the deathfish bait guide book from the bookstore. To read the book, you need certain level of fishing skill (Level 8 if I’m not mistaken). Then, you can go start looking for deathfish.
Deathfishes are usually located around graveyard. In Sunset Vally, the deathfish spot is right in the graveyard. Refer to the image below:


As in Riverview, the deathfish spot is a little far away from graveyard, but still it’s within the area. Refer to the image below:


Life Fruits

Life fruits are very rare, but after you get the first piece of it or its seed, you can plant it and harvest it yourself. As far as I know, there are two methods to get life fruits. First method is to search for unknown seeds, collect them and plant them till you get life fruits. Unknown seeds are usually located near the beach, river, mountains and roadside. You can also purchase collector helper using your happiness rewards points which cost 40k points.
Refer to the image below to see how an unknown seed look like:

Another method is by joining science career. After reaching certain level of your science career, your sims will bring some rare plants home randomly. Life fruits are one of these rare plants.

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