Tip: How to Recover Deleted Sticky Notes in Windows 7

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If you’ve ever deleted your sticky notes by accident, or simply want to recover your notes from a dead Windows, there will still be something of a ghost remaining in the file where Sticky Notes save the notes to. This can be found in: %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt Copy and paste this directory line into any explorer window, and then press Enter.

Open the file with wordpad or notepad.

Tip: How to Recover Deleted Sticky Notes in Windows 7

Tip: How to Recover Deleted Sticky Notes in Windows 7

If you have some heavy formatting in your previous sticky notes, you may see lots of unknown tags. Then you will have to deal with RTF (Rich Text Format) yourself.

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Addon: So far I don’t find a way to replace the recovered sticky notes with the current notes. If you know how to do it, I will be more than happy to hear the trick from you.

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  • l_a

    If you right-click the .srt file and choose “properties,” the rightmost tab is labeled “previous versions.”  Select the version you want to restore.

  • Toshihiku2

    Thanks. Managed to recover the important info in the Notepad. Next time, I must save the important information and not rely on StickyNotes which can be erased by the Delete key accidentally.

  • John_jeffrey

    Very helpful.. The tip itself didn’t work exactly as described because Explorer crashed every time I entered the string.  But it gave me the idea of searching my PC for *.snt, and that turned up a file I could open with Notepad.  Lots of stripping out of formatting to do, but better than trying to remember my To Do  list!

  • Trystan Sebastian Thistle

     THANK YOU! I lteraly found EVERYONE of the sticky notes I ever put on here!

  • laura

    i opened thewindow icon program section and in the comment box wrote-” recover sticky notes”- then a line from notes popped up and i clicked on the yes- all 3 notes were restored to my desktop.

  • Phil Kober

    Thanks, I already found the same info through other means. I tried to see if I could get the sticky notes app to read the file, but all I got back is the current notes which are blank. I don’t see any other way to restore the deleted notes to the current notes! Looking at it in WordPad I would guess that the file I found is actually in hexadecimal and that the blank spaces are actually numbers in hexadecimal that code for formatting, etc. We are laboriously going through the Alphanumeric portions of the file and recovering the info and then creating new notes, but it will take some time to read through it. There ought to be a better way to recover a deleted note, who hasn’t accidentally deleted a document file?

  • Phil Kober

    Also tried that and it would not restore, all we got back is the current file which was blank! Thanks though!

  • jelai

    Thank you! wooohooo!

  • a3

    THank you so muchhh you saved my entire list of college ID and passwords that I applied to! you are the hero

  • lovely

    hi dears i need ur help its realy important for me to open deleted sticky notes but i cant open it . i recover it and when i open in notepad graphic character appear can u tell me why

  • Andy

    Thank you so much . It works!

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