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Backupuser.exe, iexplorer.exe, autorun.inf Virus Removal Tool

Backupuser.exe is a malware or virus stored somewhere in your computer that will automatically creates (without your permission) autorun.inf and itself (backupuser.exe) in all drives such as hard disks, newly plugged USB pendrives, etc.
A side note, “backupuser.exe” would sometimes appear as “_backupuser.exe”. They would be set …

Snipping Tool Download Windows 8/7/8.1 Print Screen Shortcut


This post explains where to download Snipping Tool, how to use it, Snipping Tool keyboard shortcuts and alternates to Microsoft Snipping Tool.
Snipping Tool was first introduced in Windows Vista and remain as the most widely used Screenshot Capture tool in Microsoft Windows today, in the …

How to Change Sticky Notes Font Size, Color and Other Formatting


This tutorial explains how to change font size, color and other formatting or styling in Sticky Notes as a Windows gadget in Windows 7/8.
Sticky notes is one of the most widely used gadgets in Windows since Windows Vista. Even in Windows 8/8.1, people manage to …

The Sims 3 – Where to get Deathfish and Life Fruits in Riverview or Sunset Valley

If you have been wondering around in Riverview, Sunset Valley or any other town in the Sims 3 looking for the ingredients for the ultimate recipe, Ambrosia, we have listed locations, methods, shortcuts and tips about how and where to collect deathfish, life fruits and …