How to Change Sticky Notes Font Size, Color and Other Formatting

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This tutorial explains how to change font size, color and other formatting or styling in Sticky Notes as a Windows gadget in Windows 7/8.

Sticky notes is one of the most widely used gadgets in Windows since Windows Vista. Even in Windows 8/8.1, people manage to bring back the gadget features and sticky notes is among the must-use gadgets of all time.

Normal fonts’ formatting in sticky notes isn’t enough if you are looking to jot down a large number of notes. You will sometimes need to bold, italic or even underline an important word or a phrase. You may also want to increase/decrease the font size of the texts in your sticky notes, applying bullets onto the phrases or align them accordingly. This post will show you how you can do all these with just a few keyboard shortcuts.

By default, Windows Sticky Notes will be installed and came along with your Windows as you first launch your Windows 7/Vista. If you are using a sticky note downloaded from the gadget gallery that is not the default Windows sticky notes, the methods in how to change sticky notes font size, colors and formatting in this tutorial may not work with other sticky notes.

How to Change Sticky Notes Font Size, Color and Other Formatting

In this tip, we will show you how to format text, change the text size, text color, or add bullets to make a list in Sticky Notes by using keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7/8/Vista.

  • To format a word or a phrase in sticky notes, highlight the texts that you want them to be formatted while modifying or creating a sticky note.


  • Use the keyboard shortcuts listed below to apply formats of how you want the texts to be.

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Keyboard Shortcuts




Bold text


Italic text




Underlined text


Bulleted (press once) or Numbered (press twice) list


Increased text size


Decreased text size


Select all


Toggles all caps


Left aligns text


Right aligns text


Centers text


Small Alpha list (3rd), Capital Alpha list (4th), small roman (5th),
Capital roman (6th)

Ctrl+Scroll Wheel

Increase/Decrease text size


Single-space lines


Double-space lines


Set 1.5-line spacing















Please also take note that when copying away your texts from your sticky notes, the formatting may not be the same when pasted else where. Besides, if you’ve accidentally deleted your sticky notes or if they simply went missing, the formatting of the texts in your sticky notes may make it harder to read from a recovered text documents as they also comes with all the tags that do the styling.

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  • mac

    I found a nice freeware tool that expands the functionality of the Windows 7 Sticky Notes. With it you can have notes not only on the desktop but also at every application window you would like to. The tool is from an can be downloaded from their website.

  • Jamie

    Is there a way to cycle through them with a shortcut, in an alt-tab kind of way?

  • Alvin Nyau

    Updated: Thanks to Matt, by using Ctrl-Tab, you can cycle through them.

  • Jay

    Is there a way to change the font itself? I’ve noticed that if I paste text from another application (say WordPad) into a Sticky Note, the formatting is retained along with font. I wonder if there is some way to select a font in Sticky Notes.

  • Matt

    Yes, CTRL-TAB would do it.

  • Mikael

    Very helpful! Thanks.

  • Alvin Nyau

    Thank you.

  • Yoshida

    Hi, there’s way to change it:

    In the registry, you can change the font that Windows thinks is Segoe Print – the font of Sticky Notes.

    1. Start.

    2. Run – type regedit.

    3. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionFonts.

    4. On right pane Find “Segoe Print (TrueType)” and “Segoe Print Bold (TrueType)” – double click (don’t forget to change both – one by one).

    Optional – you can delete other Segoe fonts – select(one click), press Del, press Yes.

    5. Change the value(double click on font) to the file name of any other font that you wish to use that is already installed – for “times new roman” it should be times.ttf.

    6. Restart the computer. Enjoy!

  • Alvin Nyau

    Yoshida, I really appreciate the tip you’ve provided for our readers. It works like a charm. Thank you once again. =)

  • Jack

    Thanks for the shortcut list for sticky notes. You said that there’s a way to change font color, but I didn’t see how to do that.

  • Forrestj

    If you put the text into word for example, change the colour there and then put the text back into sticky notes it will be that colour still.

  • Seenorthernlights

    Very helpful. Thanks! Also, thanks to the comments.

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