Fix: Windows 7 Taskbar Disappeared

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There’s been some complaints recently regarding Windows 7 taskbar disappears all of a sudden especially when your computer wakes up from sleep mode or screensaver. This is somewhat a bug in Windows 7 that has been reported but does not have a proper fix yet. The below screenshot is what you would have seen if you’ve encountered this problem.

That’s weird, isn’t it? The start menu is still there and functioning, but the rest are all gone. Not only that, if you right click the area where the taskbar is supposed to be, you get the right-click context menu for the desktop, as if it’s totally gone.

windows 7 taskbar disappeared

Although it’s still an unsolved bug, I believe Microsoft will look into this matter and provide a fix sooner or later. In this case, be sure to switch on the Automatic Windows Update for your Windows so that you get the fix if it’s available. As for now you can try out the below solutions which in fact have worked for some people.

Fix: Incompatible Drivers or Broken Registry

Why the problem only strikes you but not any of your friends? Perhaps this is the reason why Microsoft doesn’t think that this is their problem. Some drivers might not be compatible with Windows 7 and therefore you have to keep every single driver of your hardware up to date. People find this task especially difficult to accomplish because they have to search for the right drivers one by one. However, there’s a tool that can scan and update your drivers to the latest version automatically. We proudly recommend Driver Robot.

Beside that, the most possible reason of this problem could be some crashed registry that clogged up in your computer. We recommend you to download Registry Easy to scan and fix all your registry errors that cause many different kinds of problems in your PC.

Advanced Fix: Re-launch explorer.exe

This works for almost everyone who faced this problem before, but it’s a temporary solution and the problem may just come back anytime. Follow the steps below to restart your explorer.exe:

  1. Hold Ctrl + Alt, then press Del.
  2. Select the last option – Start Task Manager.
  3. From the task manager window, go to the Process tab.
    terminate explorer exe process task manager
  4. Locate and select explorer.exe, and then click End Process to terminate the process.
  5. Now the Start menu should be gone too. Go to Applications tab.
  6. Click on New Task button.
  7. Type explorer.exe into the open field, and then hit OK.
  8. Whoops! Taskbar reappear again.
    open explorer exe task manager
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  • sledgey

    At last, a solution that works! I have seen many pages dealing with this issue but many of them were really just saying reboot. The problem occurs after the screensaver has been activated which is a pain. I’m sure I have seen the taskbar return spontaneously but I haven’t been able to determine the circumstances as yet. It would be great if the issue could be avoided altogether without having to change to specific screen-savers. I have seen users report the issue with official MS screensavers.

  • Stu

    My task bar was disappearing intermittently for a while. **One possible conflict: I had down loaded weatherbug or some weather related program that resided at the bottom right of my Firefox browser. After I removed the program (because I didn’t want it any more) my task bar is back.

    What a pain it is when the only way you can access programs is toggling and going to the Start menu.

  • Dangermouse

    This bug hit me after installing a 3rd party screensaver, and I don’t want to get rid of the screensaver as it follows the theme of my alienware laptop which came with windows 7 ultimate x64. My solution to fix this problem which occurs after screensaver has gone on and then windows has gone into hibernate mode, is to run the screensaver manually via right clicking background and choosing personalize then run preview of the screensaver and then move the mouse to exit it. That brings everything back to normal. I would definitely have to say this is an issue with windows 7 and not the 3rd party screensavers as how it is only a problem with windows 7 and not vista or below. Hopefully they come up with a fix and not be butt heads about whose fault it is and pointing fingers at all the other people that have already made the screensavers.

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