How to Change Font Size in Internet Explorer 11/10/9

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If you find that the font size of certain web pages is too small and difficult to read, you can in fact increase the font size of the web pages displayed on screen in Internet Explorer. This tutorial will show you 3 simple tricks to change font size in Internet Explorer IE 11/10/9.

If you are looking for ways to increase/change font size in other popular browsers, please visit: how to change font size in Google Chrome or how to increase font size in Mozilla Firefox.

Update for IE11/IE10/IE9: Due to the web font rendering in the latest IE versions, the fonts in some webpages that are not “IE11-friendly” yet might be smaller than usual. The most simple way to increase or change the font size of a webpage in IE 11/10/9 is to zoom the entire page.

How to Change Font Size in Internet Explorer 11 10 9

Method 1: How to Increase or Change Font Size in IE 11/10/9

Click Tools beside the tabs on the topmost area (or Alt-X shortcut key),  click Zoom and select any zooming percentage you like.

How to Increase or Change Font Size in Internet Explorer 11

Method 2: Change Font Size in IE 11/10/9

Another method to change font size in Internet Explorer is by using your keyboard and mouse which is much more simple:

  • Point the mouse cursor to anywhere on the web page.
  • Hold down the CTRL key and spin the wheel of your wheel mouse up and down.
  • As you do the text will either increase or decrease depending on which way you move your wheel.


If you do not have a wheel mouse, there is a windows shortcut that is able to change font size in Internet Explorer. Follow the steps below:

  • Open any web page using Internet Explorer.
  • Hold down the CTRL key, then press + to increase the font size, or press – to decrease the font size.

Tricks to change font size in IE 8 or older:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. From the menu bar, click on the “View” menu.
  3. Point to “Text Size”, then choose the text size that best meets your needs.

How to Change Font Size in Internet Explorer

Trick 2: – Change Increase Text Font Size in Internet Explorer

If the above method doesn’t work for you, it’s probably because of the particular website does not meet the proper design guidelines and their font sizes are “hard-coded”. This weblog, for some reason do not meet the accessibility guidelines, therefore you cannot change the font size of by using the method above in Internet Explorer. However, we can still force the font to change by overriding their font settings. To do so, folow the steps below:


  • Open Internet Explorer as usual.
  • Click on the “Tools” menu from the menu bar, then select “Internet Options”.
  • The “Internet Options” window will then pop up, click on the “Accessibility” button located at bottom right corner.
  • In the “Accessibility” window, you can choose to:
    • Ignore colors specified on Web pages.
    • Ignore font styles specified on Web pages.
    • Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages.
  • For example if you want to ignore the setting of font size of web pages, simply check the box of “Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages”.
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  • Alice Geer

    What I am trying to do is permanently change the size of the fonts on web sites. Not having to change each site every time I come to one. In other words permanently change all websites font sizes to what I need.

  • David Kennedy

    I use the mouse wheel to change the font size, but have noticed that the automatic word wrapping does not recognise anything but the standard font size. I.e. it still wraps, but it wraps without knowing that the font size has changed, which means that with the fonts enlarged, the text falls off the Window and you have to use the scroll bar at the bottom to view the one side or the other. Surely this is a Microsoft bug that should have been patched by now?

  • NorcoWayne

    Thanks for the ctrl-mouse wheel tip.

  • P

    Thank you very much.

  • Hannah

    Thank you so much for the Control +. Finally I am able to see what I am reading and writing.

  • Alvin Nyau

    You all are very much welcome!

  • abdul

    Thanks and this site helped me a lot. Thank you very much.

  • Maggie Ames

    I have downloaded a larger font that’s called APHonT. How can I get this font into my font list?? And also, how can I print it large? If I can’t read it on the internet, you can bet I can’t read it after it is printed.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Alvin Nyau

    You’re welcome, abdul. I’m glad it did help you out.

  • Sharad Jadham

    This helps. Thanks a lot.

  • Jan Robinson

    The advice was well explained and did the trick. Thank you very much and when I need to, I will access this page.

  • Pushp Lamba

    Thanks for the tips. They all work.

    The only issue which remains, and also raised by a fellow reader, is to permanently change the font size to a desirable one without having to change it each time.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Alvin Nyau

    I’m very glad to know that it did help you guys out!
    Thank you for visiting!

  • Yraja_reddy

    Nice one. It helped me a lot.

  • Kellcarr

    Thanks, worked a treat!

  • Myke Black

    IE9 does not render the inherited font sizes correctly in the CSS. To fix this use compatibility mode. See this page for more information.

  • Sivasankar

    It helped me. Thank you!

  • Cwild0604

    Or in IE 9 you can click the compatibility view icon next to the address bar and it will be rendered properly.

  • L_kimhuang

    Works for me on IE9. A lot of thanks.

  • Jesseert

    Thanks, I was going nuts.

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