Fix: IE 9 Error – Internet Explorer has stopped working

Symptoms: When you try to open a new tab, window or webpage in Internet Explorer 9, you get a pop-up error message saying that the Internet Explorer has stopped working.

Since IE9  is still under beta, many websites and add-ons have not cope with the required updates for IE 9 compatibility yet and therefore it can cause some errors. Many users have complained that after updating to the Internet Explorer 9 Beta, the error message, IE 9 has stopped working, appears too often and all the unsaved jobs are closed.

Fix: IE 9 Error - Internet Explorer has stopped working

Update: This post is outdated and therefore it may not be useful for those who experienced same internet explorer hang issue for IE 10 or 11. You may, of course, try the following solutions to see if it will work for you but ultimately, in the newer versions of IE, a force terminate of IE processes will usually solve the problem, otherwise reboot your computer.

How to disable addons in IE9

It seems that the IE 9 Beta error is triggered by some incompatible add-on. To fix the issue, we recommend you to disable add-ons that you don’t need. Disabling unnecessary add-ons can also speed up tabs opening. Well, it is hard to remove or uninstall an add-on in IE. I would prefer you to just disable it, this has the same result as removing them.

To disable addons in IE, click Tools beside the tabs on the topmost area (or Alt-X shortcut key), click Manage add-ons.

Fix: IE 9 Error - Internet Explorer has stopped working

Find and highlight the add-on you want to disable, and then click on Disable button; another way is to simply right click the add-on and select Disable.


Internet Explorer 9 (No Add-ons)

If you don’t want to disable any add-on as they are important when you do your job or homework, you can always try to run IE in No Add-ons mode. To run IE without any add-on, go to Start, type Internet or Internet Explorer, then click on Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) link from the list.

Restart your computer

Lastly, try rebooting your PC so that everything that has been bugging your browser may be removed or reset. To hard reset your IE settings to a complete default, download the IE fix tool from Microsoft to apply the fix (or reset) automatically.

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    Well, brother, thank you for trying to subscribe to us. To remove ie9 and revert to ie8, please read Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and Revert Back to IE8 or IE7. We sincerely hope that you will subscribe to us again after reinstalling! =)Best regardsAlvin

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