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1420 Cool Alt Key Codes Symbols and Characters For Facebook, Twitter and MSN Messenger


As you can often see, many people are using cute and cool alt key codes symbols or characters as their profile names in Facebook, Twitter or MSN Messenger names. Some of them even know how to use these weird yet cool symbols and characters in the chatbox, status updates and …

How to CMD Run As Administrator in Windows 8/7 Always


This post explains about the purpose of run as administrator, how to always run as administrator for a certain program or application, and how to command prompt cmd run as administrator in Windows 8/7/Vista.
Run as administrator is an option to run a program with administrator privilege. …

How to Clean Your Laptop Fan and Screen

interior laptop - credit: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2007/04/raid-macbook-pro.jpg

After using your laptop for awhile, problems may arise due to over heating. Well, how long have you been using your laptop? Is your room dusty? Does your laptop often auto restart? Have you ever check the temperature of your laptop? All these questions are directly …