Windows 7 Fix: Error 651 Modem PPPoE Broadband Internet Connection

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Error 651 is a well-known bug in Windows 7 which happen when you try to connect to the Internet using PPPoE connection. If you’re one of the victims who met this bug, you should see the following error message: Error 651: The Modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error. These connections, however, would work just fine in Windows XP or Windows Vista PCs. Below are a few solutions that can perhaps fix the problem.

Fix 1: – Error 651 Modem PPPoE Broadband Internet Connection

The root of the problem is believed to be caused by the RAS PPPoE file raspppoe.sys found in the folder C:\Windows\System32\Drivers. To fix this problem, we will have to replace the file raspppoe.sys with a new one. Try to copy the file from your friend’s computer which has Windows 7 installed. 

Windows 7 Fix: Error 651 Modem PPPoE Broadband Internet Connection

Alternatively, you can download the raspppoe.sys file from this site (thanks to the author).  After you get the file, before pasting it into C:\Windows\System32\Drivers, be sure that you rename the original file to something like raspppoe_ori.sys, so that if something weird happen you have a backup of your original file. Paste the new raspppoe.sys into the directory after you’ve renamed the original file. Try to connect your modem and it should work fine now.

Note: If you have problem renaming of altering the raspppoe file, it’s most likely that you do not have the admin rights to do so. In this case, you need to login as administrator in order to do this. To modify the file as admin, simply log out of your windows account, and switch to your administrator account (usually named Administrator), and then you may be able to rename and pasting a new one onto it.

Fix 2: – Fixing Registry errors

Well, most of the time an error is caused by a corrupted or perhaps missing registry of a component. In this case, you may need to fix it with a registry cleaner tool. We recommend Registry Easy (download) which is a decent tool to automatically scan and fix your PC registry errors and speed up your system.

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  • Joshua Sarol Odiem

    i can’t rename the
    raspppoe.sys it says that i need to have permission…

  • Asdasds

    ms virtual pc is known to cause the 651 error, normal registry cleaners can’t find this error. e whait for new w7 update, they are bound to fix it at some point. 

  • Shivam05680

    I couldn’t rename the raspppoe.sys.
    it say that i need another permission although i logged in as admin. 

  • Redsun25

    i can’t rename the file raspppoe.sys

  • MartIn

    You need admin rights to change the file name in win32 drivers. Just google ‘ get full admin rights for (insert OS here)’

  • Owellnet2003

    im having a problem w/ the internet connections after a clean install of windows 7, how would i be able to download registry solution???

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