Why is my Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable? – Solution

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Don’t be panic if you ever see this error message, “Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.” From what we know about it, your account is completely fine. It’s just an error message triggered from a random server or client side error.

Wait for a while before you start troubleshooting

Just like what it says, Facebook might be facing unexpected issue and they need time to resolve the problem. Site maintenance can take a while. So, sit back and have a cup of tea and chill out. Try again in a few minutes.

If it’s still unaccessible even after 1 hour, ask your friends around to see if they are able to access to their account. If they are too not able to access to Facebook, Facebook might be doing something big behind that takes quite a lot of time. At this time, there’s nothing you can do about it other than sit back and wait. Don’t try to be smart and mess with things in the computer you don’t understand. All you can do now is wait patiently.

Why is my Account Temporarily Unavailable on Facebook - Solution

What if it’s your problem? – Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable

If your friends can access to their Facebook accounts while you can’t, it may means that the problem appears because somethings not right in your computer.

The very first thing to try is to clear your browser cache. The reason behind this solution is that sometimes your browser will show you old caches which was already far outdated and should be refreshed. You will need to clear these old caches before you can load a new page from the server. It simply means that Facebook might have already solved the issue but you are still loading page that was maybe a day ago. To clear your browser cache, follow the following steps to ensure you are not browsing the old cached page:

  • Internet Explorer users: Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete… -> select only Cookies -> Delete
  • Mozilla Firefox users: Go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy tab -> Show cookies -> Scroll down and look for mediafire cookies folder and delete it
  • Google Chrome users: Click on the Customize button -> Option -> Under the hood -> Clear browsing history -> Make sure Delete Cookies and other site data is checked -> Click Clear browsing data

Other than clearing the cache, proxy can sometimes be the source of the problem. If you’re using any proxy for your connection, unless you are very sure about what you are actually doing, proxy can often mess up the connection between websites and your computer. Check if you have previously set to connect via a proxy and disable it if you don’t need it and see if the problem persist.

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  • Simran Malkani

    Please help me out. My account shows unavailable.

  • jcalvert1945

    I cannot log into my Facebook account. It says that my account is temporarily unavailable due to site issue. Try again later. It has been two days. How do I get this problem resolved?

  • Shane_88lim

    I’m facing the same problems too.

  • Priyaa_mis

    What to do when my facebook account is temporarily unavailable due to site issue. Please also solve my problem.

  • Sydoniejandoc

    Is ur FB account ok now? I’m having the same problem with you.

  • Solafantasy

    Yes, I’m using Firefox and I did what you told me here, but when I opened “options” then “tabs”, no button called “cookies” was found. I’m using windows xp serves pack.

  • Sheryl_0611

    Please help me to solve my problems as known above!

  • jesus

    My Facebook doesn’t work either!

  • ivy

    What is the problem of my account in Facebook?

  • Orfeas Theofanis

    It’s same over here too!

  • Dennisanangwe

    Go to tools-options-privacy-click to remove individual cookies then on cookies tab click remove all cookies then close.

  • Clara Mancelos

    It’s the same for me.

  • Kila

    Please help. My account is still unavailable almost to days from now after posting comment. Am i blocked?

  • Genius

    The most probable reason is that, we violate the rule of Facebook. So Facebook will block your id for few hours or few days. It’s just a temporary penalty so that users don’t go overboard & stay within the rules.
    Nothing to worry much, your account should be back online in some time.

  • Man_plus23d

    It’s useful solution for temporarily unavailable on Facebook.

  • Yonaz_li4ndy

    Me too. I’m pretty desperate.

  • Nancy

    Thank you. I am waiting for the further news.

  • Alexis_marie20

    Having the same problem. Does anybody know how to fix it?

  • Batany Akil

    My account is temporarily unavailable. Why?

  • Ambawadeuttam79

    I cannot log in to my facebook account it say that my account is temporarily unavailable due to site issue. Please help me to solve my problems as known above.

  • Uttam Ambawade

    I can not log in my Facebook account it says that my account is temporarily unavailable due to site issue? Please help me to solve my problems

  • Tyra_lsd

    it happened to me and I had the problem solved in more than 36 hours even if I cleared caches and cookies.

  • Bernadeth2013

    Please help my account is temporarily unavailable. Please log into www.Facebook.com from your computer and follow the instruction given.

  • MrStoney

    My log in seems to be caught in between two accounts. Half the time it’s not me but the other half I spend a week finding out what happened to my password and that’s not working anymore. How about a call?

  • Tariqul islam

    Please help me to solve this problem.

  • Tariqul islam

    I can not log into my face book account. It says that my account is temporarily unavailable due to site issue. Try again later. It has been two days. How do i get this problem solve?

  • marina

    My Facebook is temporarliy locked due to site issue and when ever trying to sign in they are asking for ID card or my school card but my Facebook is not opening. How do I get the solution of my problem please help.

  • Khan

    I can’t log off my account it says that my account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance try again later. It has been 2 hours.

  • Carol M. Swales

    My Facebook account went out. It said my account is temporarily unavailable due to site issue. Try again later. I have been trying but of no use. Can you email me what happened? Am I spammed?

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