Taskbar Disappeared Missing Windows 8/7 | Restore Start Menu Bar Button Toolbar

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There have been reports in the major forums that the Windows 7 or Windows 8 taskbar suddenly disappeared especially when the computer wakes up from sleep mode or the screen saver. This is one of the most commonly reported errors in Windows 8/7. This could caused by a variety of reasons and Microsoft has always been working on providing a solution to this issue.

Below is a screenshot of what we have encountered as the Taskbar disappeared entirely and gone completely missing from our Windows 7 desktop (could be similar if taskbar disappeared in Windows 8). That’s weird, isn’t it? The start menu button is still there and functioning, but the rest are all gone. Not only that, if you right click the area where the taskbar is supposed to be, you get the right-click context menu for the desktop, as if it’s totally gone.

Taskbar Disappeared Missing Windows 8/7

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It can be the software we used that break the taskbar and causes it to disappear, but that also could be just an unsolved bug in Windows (there’s always bugs). Microsoft will always provide fixes and updates to issues such as this taskbar disappear bug. Always make sure that your Windows Update is on automatic and set to check for updates on a proper schedule. That’s how you get fixes, solutions, security updates, and other important Windows updates from Microsoft and that’s also how you fix most of your new bugs with new software. As for now, you can try the solutions below to temporary fix your problem.

Broken Registry – Taskbar Disappeared Windows 8/7

Like we have said before, software that have permission to alter your system files such as your explorer or components related to the taskbar functionality could cause a crash to them if it crashes itself. You will have to investigate and troubleshoot this matter yourself a little by recalling what software, program or application you’ve been using the last time the task bar disappeared from your Windows 8/7. Then, uninstall or just stop using the software if you’re sure that it is the one that causes the problem.

Well, it could also because the windows registry where the software’s settings are stored went wrong and caused the software to crash your taskbar. Windows registry is a one stop central database that store all the settings, options and configurations of your software, programs, applications and your core system files. Simply put, if it’s gone, your Windows wouldn’t even boot.

As you use your Windows, the registry could get cluttered up when you keep on installing new software and programs and that’s when bugs and errors start arising from no where and causes serious problems. Registry commonly has to be scanned and cleaned up gradually. It’s just like how you maintain your car. You can use a registry cleaner to clean up and fix the corrupted or broken registry automatically. We recommend Registry Easy.

Re-launch explorer.exe – Taskbar Missing Windows 7/8

This is a slightly advanced fix and recommended only for advanced users. This works for most people who had the problem before. But, it’s a temporary solution and the problem may just come back anytime. Follow the steps below to restart your explorer.exe:

  1. Hold Ctrl + Alt, then press Del.
  2. Select the last option – Start Task Manager.
  3. From the task manager window, go to the Process tab.
    terminate explorer exe process task manager Taskbar Disappeared Missing Windows 8/7
  4. Locate and select explorer.exe, and then click End Process to terminate the process.
  5. Now the Start menu should be gone too. Go to Applications tab.
  6. Click on New Task button.
  7. Type explorer.exe into the open field, and then hit OK.
  8. As soon as it launches successfully, your Taskbar should re-appear again.
    open explorer exe task manager Taskbar Disappeared Missing Windows 8/7
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  • sledgey

    At last, a solution that works! I have seen many pages dealing with this issue but many of them were really just saying reboot. The problem occurs after the screensaver has been activated which is a pain. I’m sure I have seen the taskbar return spontaneously but I haven’t been able to determine the circumstances as yet. It would be great if the issue could be avoided altogether without having to change to specific screen-savers. I have seen users report the issue with official MS screensavers.

  • Stu

    My task bar was disappearing intermittently for a while. One possible conflict: I had downloaded weatherbug or some weather related program that resided at the bottom right of my Firefox browser. After I removed the program (because I didn’t want it any more) my task bar is back.

    What a pain it is when the only way you can access programs is toggling and going to the Start menu.

  • Dangermouse

    This bug hit me after installing a 3rd party screensaver, and I don’t want to get rid of the screensaver as it follows the theme of my alienware laptop which came with windows 7 ultimate x64. My solution to fix this problem which occurs after screensaver has gone on and then windows has gone into hibernate mode, is to run the screensaver manually via right clicking background and choosing personalize then run preview of the screensaver and then move the mouse to exit it. That brings everything back to normal. I would definitely have to say this is an issue with windows 7 and not the 3rd party screensavers as how it is only a problem with windows 7 and not vista or below. Hopefully they come up with a fix and not be butt heads about whose fault it is and pointing fingers at all the other people that have already made the screensavers.

  • Daphne Procz-Shorts

    Thank you! I found a few “answers” online for this, but not a single one suggested ending the process first; therefore, since most of the explorer program was still working, nothing changed. Only after completely shutting the explorer program down and re-opening would the task bar return. I suspect the reason my laptop loses the taskbar after a sleep mode session is because of my Boston Terrier licking-the-screen screen saver, but I’m not changing it for nothun’. Thank you again!

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