Snipping Tool – New Print Screen with Crop Function in Windows Vista and 7

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Snipping_ToolThe Snipping Tool is another wonderful feature avaible in Windows Vista and 7 that allow you to crop anything on-screen before saving them to image format of your choice. Here in this article, we will guide you through the proper ways of using Snipping Tool.

How to use Snipping Tool?

Let’s say we have something like this on our screen:


If we want only the logo part of entire screenshot, we can do it using snipping tool.
Firstly, open snipping tool by pressing the Start button, type in “snipping tool” and you will see it from the search result. Or you can access it by going to All Programs –> Accessories –> Snipping Tool.

Now, you should have the snipping tool appear on your screen. At this time, other parts of your screen should be a little bit gray.


The options button allows you to set up something before proceeding to snip.

  • Hide instruction text
  • Alwayscopy snips to the Clipboard
  • Include URL below snips (HTML only)
  • Prompt to save snips before exiting
  • Show screen overlay when Snipping Tool is active.
  • Selection ink Color choices.


There are several types of cropping available in this tool.

  • Free-form Snip
  • Rectangular Snip
  • Window Snip
  • Full-screen Snip


In this case, we will use rectangular snip. To snip the logo part of, simply drag with your cursor and it should look like this:


The logo part should now be cropped into the tool where you can edit with pen, eraser, highlighter, etc. You can also send this image directly to someone via email through this tool by pressing the send snip button.


To save this image, press File –> Save as. Choose the location where you want your image to be saved, and the image format that you want it to be saved.


Congratulation! You’ve just finished this tutorial!

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