How to fix: “Your name change request has been rejected by our automated approval system”

Facebook will reject (or ban) your name change request if one of the following conditions is detected by Facebook:

  • if you have made too many name changes
  • if you have a name that sounds like it could be fake
  • if you share your name with a celebrity
  • and of course it can be other reason.

So, what can you do about it?

If you insist to change your name, go to this page and use the form to request for name change. In this form, you’re required to upload one of the following files for verification purpose (ensure that your full name, date of birth, and photo [if applicable] are clear): a government-issued ID, marriage certificate, or legal name change document. Facebook team will review the request manually. It will take a few days for your request to be approved, or denied.

How to fix Your name change request has been rejected by our automated approval system

Because there are so many scammers out there on Facebook trying to hide their identities every time after they succeeded scamming sombody (I’m sorry). This implementation is of good deeds and to protect Facebook users from all these threats. Of course, there may be a lot more reason for why they enforce this policy. So, do yourself a favor not to change to a fake name from your real name because if you did, you may not be able to change back to your real name without going through all the hassles.

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  • ToastyTheDragon

    What if we want to have a fake name?
    I want to be ‘Toasty The Dragon’, because it was going to be my FB for my youtube account… and real names used for youtube =/= good.

  • Shaniah Halez

    I need help finding all the Alt’ Code Numbers.

    Can you help me find them?

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