Fix: Toolbars Missing After Installing IE 9

If you find any of your IE toolbars disappeared after upgrading to the Internet Explorer 9 from IE8 or IE7, you can always re-enable them again. This happened to me too after I installed IE 9 into my computer, and then I found that my Alexa toolbar and Google toolbar gone missing when IE 9 opened up for the first time.

It can happen because your newly installed version of browser has probably reverted all settings to default and you may need to set everything again. Well, it may of course not always be the case. Sometimes your toolbar just gone missing suspiciously and if that is the case, read the last 2 paragraphs for more info about what might be happening to your computer.

To enable toolbars in IE 9, simply right click anywhere in the empty area beside tabs or address bar, then select the toolbars that you want them to appear in your IE9.

enable show toolbars ie 9

Toolbar Uninstalled

If your toolbar doesn’t appear to be in the list (via above method), you probably have it uninstalled either unintentionally or someone just did it. In this case, just re-install the toolbar again. If it goes missing again even after installing a new one, then it might be a virus infection.

Spyware, Adware or a Virus Infection

The second possible reason of toolbars gone mising being that your computer may have been infected by an adware or virus that is able to bypass your security and inject or alter the setting of your browser (which is very bad). These adwares and viruses often come from the malicious toolbars or software you’ve installed. It can be dangerous if you often access websites such as your online banking page. In this case, you should install an antivirus software (we recommend avast free antivirus) and use it to scan and eliminate these threats automatically. If your antivirus found that one of your toolbars is suspicious, you are advised not to install that particular toolbar ever again.

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  • Courier Services

    after V9 installation all Adobe buttons in my office (Word, Outlook, Excel…) toolbar are missing. I found the file “PDFMaker” many *.dll inside (eg. PDFMWord.dll, PDFMPowerPoint.dll) Could someone please explain the way to get them back? THX for reply Regards Ladana

  • Alvin Nyau

    The IE9 installation shouldn’t be affecting other Microsoft’s products. In this case, you should try reinstalling your Adobe products.

  • underfloor heating mats

    I found the file “PDFMaker” many *.dll inside (eg. PDFMWord.dll, PDFMPowerPoint.dll) Could someone please explain the way to get them back.

  • RG

    Thank you!

  • Alvin Nyau

    You’re very much welcome!

  • Princey57

    thank u! very helpful

  • bobemakk

    thanks, very helpful aftet IE9 lost my toolbar

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