Windows Time is Wrong? Synchronize Computer Clock Automatically

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You can synchronize your computer time automatically with internet standard time server. Normally this feature is enabled by default in Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you ever find your computer clock to be wildly offset and plain wrong, you have probably encountered a Bios reset or a change of hardware. Instead of changing the time manually, you can correct the time using the automatic clock synchronization available in Windows itself.

To enable automatic clock synchronization in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, move your mouse over to the clock at the bottom right corner of your desktop. When the “Date and Time” window appears, click the button (or link) “Change date and time”. This requires you to have an administrator account, which means a standard account is not authorize to change the date and time. When you have access to the setting, go to “Internet Time” tab, lick on the “Change settings…” button and then tick the check box labeled “Synchronize with an internet time server”. That’s it! Your time should be perfectly set according to the time zone now. And, of course, you will need an internet connection for the synchronization.


For Windows XP users, simply double click on the computer clock at the bottom right corner of your screen, and then go to “Internet Time” tab. Under “Date and Time Properties” windows, tick the check box labeled “Automatically synchronize with an internet time server”. Optionally, you can select an alternative time server using drop down list.

From now on when you switch on your computer, Windows will automatically (and also periodically) update your computer’s date and time based on the internet time server. You can force your computer to do immediate synchronization follow the steps above with no harm. Simply click the “Update Now” button and your PC’s clock will be set appropriately.

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